Wet Laboratories (Burnley Campus)

The Wet laboratory is fully equipped to facilitate the practical aspects of learning, preparing you for hands-on practical laboratory work.

From research grade microscopes and plate assay readers, to the high-end Gel Doc system, the laboratory is well equipped for training and educating students in a range of scientific specialisms, including microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology. Students can apply their knowledge to real world applications, providing them with current and relevant experience in using the equipment they will see and use in their chosen profession.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • Autoclave; Refrigerated bench centrifuge; Bio-rad Protein Electrophoresis tanks; RunOne DNA Electrophoresis tanks; Class 2 safety cabinet; Fumehood; Gel Doc system; Hotplates; Static incubator; Shaking incubator; Magnetic stirrers; Microscopes; Multiskan FC Plate reader; pH meters; See-saw rockers; Visible light Spectrophotometers; Thermal cycler; Vortex mixers; Waterbaths; Laboratory glassware; Adjustable volume pipettes; Deionised water system


Technical support is available from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Please note that these facilities are used for timetabled undergraduate teaching activities.


The Wet Laboratories (Burnley Campus) can be found in 132 of the Victoria Mill

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