The Imaginarium

The Imaginarium differs from a usability lab, its purpose is to transform into any space to evaluate ‘living’, ‘playing’ and ‘working’.

The goal is to focus on putting people within a familiar environment to co-design, co-implement and co-evaluate technological innovations. By empathising with people in this way, we can better understand their motivations, needs and behaviours.

The Imaginarium transforms the concept of a static lab where usability tests take place into a reconfigurable space. This allows us to rethink people’s needs and expectations to develop processes, frameworks, and prototypes.

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The Imaginarium assists in transforming lives. By understanding people, their needs, motivations, and behaviours to flourish in education and life. By re-creating real-world environments to learn, study and play.

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The The Imaginarium can be found in CM225 of the Computing and Technology Building

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