Strength and Conditioning Suite

The Strength and Conditioning suite is a part of our purpose built labs designed to support physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and strength & conditioning.

Our facilities are designed to support these areas and are equipped with a range of equipment to facilitate learning, research and consultancy in sport, exercise and nutritional sciences. We have a strong team of researchers and practitioners who have the necessary expertise and are committed to providing support.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • 2 Sterling half power racks with integrated lifting platforms; 1 centre lifting platform; 1 Olympic flat bench; men’s and women’s Olympic barbells; bumper plates from 1.25kgs-20kgs; dumbbells from 2kgs-35kgs; technique boxes; Pasco portable force plates; and a Quintic Sports 2-D motion capture system.


Facilities are available Monday - Friday 9am-5pm and at weekends and evenings by prior arrangement/agreement.


We offer a consultancy service to the public: Olympic weightlifting coaching sessions individual (£75 per hour) or small group (3 people) @ £25 per hour. Please contact us for more details.


The Strength and Conditioning Suite can be found in 017b of the Darwin Building

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