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Sports Physiology Laboratory

A fully functional Sports Physiology Laboratory used by both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students for teaching and research across Sport and Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition Courses.

Furnished with world class equipment and sessions delivered by highly experienced academic staff. This is an environment to put theory into practice and hone lab-based skills.

Our Sports Physiology Laboratory has world class equipment used in physiological teaching, research and physical assessments. This facility tests populations ranging from chronically ill individuals to disabled athletes, elite cyclists and other specialist populations. The Physiology Laboratory is situated on the ground floor of Darwin Building, located closely to the Nutrition and Health Laboratory, Strength and Conditioning Laboratory and Biomechanics Laboratory.

This ensures the area is always a hive of activity with teaching and research.

Our laboratory houses state of the art testing equipment, which are used for the physiological assessment of individuals, research and teaching. This includes two hp Cosmos treadmills allowing for multiple tests to be carried out simultaneously. This facilitates testing of disabled athletes, cyclists and other specialist populations; whilst a harness system always allows for safety precautions to me maintained whilst performing maximal tests. Gas analysis is undertaken using the Fitmate Pro, Metalyser 3B, Metamax 3B online spirometry systems, allied to more traditional teaching methods such as Douglas bags and dry gas analysers.

We widely use the iWorx compound system, to allow testing of multiple physiological parameters, particularly in teaching sessions on resting ECG and spirometry. Facilities are also available for high level clinical testing, such as exercise ECG, measures of Achilles bone density, functional performance and muscular activation using EMG. Performance analysis is undertaken using a Lode cycle ergometer, conforming to British Cycling test standards, a HUMAC NORM Isokinetic Dynamometer (IKD) and several other ergometers such as rowing machines and WattBike Pros. Capillary blood sampling using lactate pro 2, Prima Multicare and Hemocue systems is used with undergraduate students; together with urine and salivary sampling, is used to assess various metabolic outputs. Venous blood training available for staff and postgraduate students. In addition, the laboratory also benefits from a variety of field test equipment including simple performance analysis measures; pulse oximeters, ANT + heart rate monitors, Catapult GPS system and Fusion Sport Smart Speed timing system.

Facilities also include equipment designed to simulate altitude responses, thermoregulatory stress and haemodynamic responses to exercise (using near-infrared spectroscopy).

Detailed Information

Kit List

  • Cortex Metalyzer 3B; Cortex Metamax 3B
  • hp Cosmos Pulsar Treadmill
  • hp Cosmos Quasar Treadmill
  • WattBike Pros
  • Fitmate Pro O2 Analyser
  • FLIR Heat Gun; Hypoxicator
  • Concept 2 Rowing Machines
  • Lode Excalibur Sport Cycle
  • Ergometer
  • Lode Recumbent Cycle Ergometer
  • Servomex Gas Analyser + Harvard Dry Gas Meter; Douglas Bags
  • ANT + Heart Rate Monitors; Osmocheck Urine Analysis Unit
  • Lactate Pro 2; Prima Multicare
  • Freestyle Ketone Meter; iWorx Kits
  • Hemocue Hb 201+ System; Micromedical Spirometer
  • Pulse Oximeters; Fusion Sport Timing System + Jump Mat
  • Braun Thermoscan 7 Ear Thermometers
  • NIRO Near Infrared Oxygenation Monitor
  • Catapult GPS, Biometrics EMG


Days & times to be confirmed as of yet due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Individualised tests administered to outside athletes or members of the public can be booked through our Consultancy service at a predetermined cost (


The Sports Physiology Laboratory can be found in 026 of the Darwin Building

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