Recording Studios

We have three professional Audio Recording Studios.

Studio 1 is primarily an analogue multitrack studio, Studio 2 a digital multitrack studio and Studio 3 a mixing, mastering and post studio.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • Please contact us for a full and up-to-date kit and specification list of all equipment.


The independent use of this facility is limited to students studying specific courses. Due to the innate technical nature of the equipment contained within this studio, there is a prerequisite for students to attend a technical induction and then following that they must complete further course-based technical instruction workshops prior to permission being granted for their autonomous use of this studio.

Please note that these studios are used for scheduled teaching activities. The studios are available for authorised students to book outside of these times for individual or small group study purposes via the student room booking system.

Use of the studios by others is by special arrangement which is usually attained by the provision of a demonstrable rationale for the use of the resources contained within this facility that directly supports their course of study. This may require a referral from an academic tutor.


The Recording Studios can be found in 208, 216, 217 and 218 of the Media Factory

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