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Microscopy Laboratory

Our Microscopy laboratory is a well-equipped facility for postgraduate biomedical research.

Zeiss LSM 510 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope or a Modified Zeiss Cell Observer system featuring the Zeiss definite focus, Colibri LED illumination and AxioVision 4 digital image processing software with Axiovision tracking module is available.

Both of these systems allow the capture of high resolution single image and z-section acquisition of 3 fluorochromes simultaneously. The cell observer system also incorporates an incubation chamber enabling live cell imaging over several days and a motorised stage which allows imaging of a sample over a tiled area that extends beyond the field of view.

Detailed Information

Kit List

  • Zeiss Cell Observer system; LSM 510 Confocal Microscope


These facilities are open 24/7 via security approved swipe card or keypad access. Entry is restricted to postgraduate students and staff using the facilities.


The Microscopy Laboratory can be found in 317, 331 of the Darwin Building

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