Jost Institute Laboratory

The Jost Institute for Tribotechnology has been established to provide a centre of excellence of international standing for industrially relevant research, teaching and knowledge transfer within the area of tribotechnology.

The laboratory has excellent facilities for both experimental and analytical test technique. All our tests can be done to international standards or with bespoke conditions. We offer tribological and mechanical testing and analysis from first concept to final product testing or validation. The laboratory is equipped with commercial and bespoke tribometers, contact and non-contract techniques for the characterisation of topographical properties, surface analytical and integrity techniques.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • AFM/SPM dualscope from DME
  • Talysurf PGI 400 from Taylor Hobson
  • Revetest from Anton Paar
  • High Temperature Tribometer from Anton Paar
  • SEM SS40 fitted with Edax
  • Vacuum pin on disk
  • Ball crater from Teer Coatings
  • Diamond cutter from Struers
  • Nano-platform from Micromaterials
  • Pin on disk from Tribotechnic
  • WLI Micro-XAM 10000
  • Trust bearing hardness tester from CV instruments
  • Inverted Microscope from Zeiss
  • Corrosion cell and impedance spectroscopy from Gamry
  • Cryogenic pin on disk
  • Viscometer from Anton Paar


Technical support is available from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


There may be some charges for materials.


The Jost Institute Laboratory can be found in 039 of the C&T Building

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