Forensic Anthropology Laboratory

This laboratory is our undergraduate facility for examining skeletons.

Access to human and animal skeletal collections is available, along with standard biological anthropology equipment. It is also equipped with teaching facilities and a 'wet area' for cleaning.

Custom-made height adjustable tables allow good accessibility and easy laying out of full size human skeletons. We hold collections of real and high-quality plastic casts of human bones, and an extensive research collection of animal bones from previous projects investigating bone trauma. Teaching facilities include whiteboards and projection capabilities, while the associated wet area provides cleaning facilities for material from excavations.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • 8 height-adjustable examination tables (2000mm x 900mm), with impact cushioning covers
  • 7 male plastic cast skeletons
  • 7 female plastic cast skeletons, 8 human full skeletons, comprehensive disarticulated human bone collection
  • anthropology equipment (e.g. magnifiers, calipers, stadiometer, etc)
  • comprehensive research trauma collection


9.00am to 5.00pm (Weekdays)


The Forensic Anthropology Laboratory can be found in 320 of the Maudland Building

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