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Flow Cytometry

Our Flow Cytometry laboratory is a well-equipped facility for postgraduate biomedical research.

The FACSAria Cell Sorter can rapidly and simultaneously measure up to 9 different parameters on thousands of individual fluorescently labelled cells within either live or fixed cell populations.

Populations of interest can be accurately sorted for subsequent culture and analysis. In addition, the Guava Easycyte HT Benchtop Flow Cytometer, fitted with a robotic sample tray for handling 96 well plates, provides a compact, user friendly and cost-effective technique for high throughput analysis.

Detailed Information

Kit List

  • FACSAria Flow Cytometer; Guava Easycyte HT Benchtop Flow Cytometer


These facilities are open 24/7 via security approved swipe card or keypad access. Entry is restricted to postgraduate students and staff using the facilities.


The Flow Cytometry can be found in 316, 312 of the Darwin Building

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