Clinical Skills (Westlakes)

The university currently have several hi-specification skills laboratories that are stocked with a vast range of equipment to help you develop your clinical skills.

The practice skills laboratories are arranged as follows:

SLB 012

The labs represent a realistic clinical environment which helps to socialise you to your future profession on a practical level.

The labs provide a safe environment in which you can assimilate your theoretical knowledge into practical skills that you will continue to practice in your clinical placements. The laboratory offers space for small skills groups to practice skills such as Injection technique, Venepuncture or suturing.

This laboratory is also a human anatomy resource centre containing a wide selection of anatomical models. It has an Anatomage virtual anatomy table which shows full 3D anatomy that can be intuitively controlled.

SLB 015

This laboratory is a dedicated high fidelity simulation suite. It is equipped with two adult interactive simulators, CAE Ares and CAE Juno. These manikins are realistic physiological models which can be pre-programmed to create life-like medical scenarios. The manikins can respond automatically through dedicated software to clinical interventions, creating realistic learning experiences.

Other specialist equipment in this laboratory includes an electrocardiograph monitor and a cardiac arrest trolley with defibrillator. It has ceiling mounted cameras allowing the filming and recording of examinations and simulation sessions.


This is a dedicated skills area with 5 plinths and one hospital style bed. Here students can practice resuscitation training, moving and handling, drug administration, asepsis and personal care.

The area has nursing manikins and part task trainers for practical training purposes, BLS manikins and has the equipment required for moving and handling including: electric hoist, wheel chairs and aids that assist with handling techniques.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • Hospital beds
  • CAE Ares simulator
  • CAE Juno Simulator
  • Sim body family
  • Nursing manikins
  • Advanced airway manikins
  • Catheterisation manikins
  • Venepuncture & Cannulation manikins
  • Data Ohmeda patient monitor
  • Welch Allyn patient monitors
  • Seca 12 lead ECG machine
  • Lifting hoist
  • Transfer trolley
  • Anatomage Medical Virtual Dissection Table


Open during normal teaching hours.


The Clinical Skills (Westlakes) can be found in SLB012, SLB015, SLB123 of the Samuel Lindow Building, Westlakes campus