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Clinical Skills Suite (Harrington Building)

A large skills laboratory, comprising a simulated ward area with 21 bays and beds.

It is ideally suited for training larger groups of students, for example resuscitation training, moving and handling, drug administration, asepsis, hand washing and many medical procedural techniques. The area has three medium fidelity manikins for practical training purposes, four BLS manikins.

The laboratory also contains many part task trainers to allow students to practice medical procedures in a safe environment. This laboratory contains cameras in each bed space allowing the filming and recording of examinations and simulation sessions. 

The university currently have several hi-specification skills laboratories that are stocked with a vast range of equipment to help you develop your clinical skills. The labs represent a realistic clinical environment which helps to socialise you to your future profession on a practical level. The labs provide a safe environment in which you can assimilate your theoretical knowledge into practical skills that you will continue to practice in your clinical placements.

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The Clinical Skills Suite (Harrington Building) can be found in 201 of the Harrington Building

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