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General Biochemical Laboratory

The General Biochemical Laboratory has bench space for carrying out a wide range of biochemical applications including SDS Page Gel Electrophoresis, Western Blotting and Immunohistochemical staining.

The laboratory also contains highly sensitive filter-based microplate readers capable of measuring fluorescence (top and bottom), luminescence and absorbance.

In addition to single measurements, scanning, kinetic measurements and temperature control are also possible. The Bio-Plex 200 multiplex system, in conjunction with a Bio-Plex Pro II wash station, also provides a flexible, user accessible, microplate-based multiplex immunoassay system, allowing the simultaneous concentrations of up to 100 different analytes (proteins and peptides or nucleic acids) in approximately 50 µl of serum, CSF or cell lysate samples within 3 hours.

Detailed Information

Kit List

  • Bioplex; ChemiDoc; SDS-PAGE; Tecan Genius Pro Plate Reader; Ultracentrifugation


These facilities are open 24/7 via security approved swipe card or keypad access. Entry is restricted to postgraduate students and staff using the facilities.


The General Biochemical Laboratory can be found in 312 of the Darwin Building

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