Our centres

UCLan PROTECT builds on our outstanding reputation in providing high quality courses including Cyber Security, Counter Terrorism, Fire Investigation, Paramedic Practice, Policing and Criminal Investigation.

Our expertise comes from a wide range of backgrounds including the emergency services, local authorities, health authorities, the nuclear industry, COMAH sites, utilities, the military, port and aviation authorities, and academia.

Consultancy services

We support the development of organisations worldwide in their aim to improve and develop people in the area of Emergency Management and First Response. Our consultancy services include independent reviews of emergency and business continuity plans, advice on creation of resilient organisations, running of tabletop and live exercises, mentoring of emergency preparedness and emergency response staff and the provision of incident command training, which is provided by subject matter experts. This will be delivered at a location determined by the client.

Short courses

We can provide a range of one-day, two-day or five-day short courses. The courses can be delivered online or by a combination of distance learning and live online teaching to support your staff development and minimise time away from the workplace. Alternatively courses can be delivered at our excellent classroom facilities or a location near you.

  • Beginner’s Guide to Emergency Management (PROT001)
  • Writing Emergency Plans and Arrangements (PROR002)
  • Creating Tabletop Exercises (PROT003)
  • Creating Live Exercises (PROT004)
  • Keeping Operational and Decision Logs in an Emergency (PROT005)
  • Working at the Tactical Level of Emergency Management (PROT006)
  • Briefings and Debriefings Working at the Strategic Level of Emergency Management (PROT007)
  • Briefings and Debriefings Working at the Tactical and Strategic Level of Emergency Response (PROT008)
  • Risk Management for Resilience Professionals (PROT009)
  • Conducting Dynamic Risk Assessments Operational Emergency Response for Industrial Site Operators (PROT0010)
  • Working with the Statutory Emergency Services Tactical Emergency Response for Industrial Site Operators (PROT0011)
  • Creating Departmental or Business Unit Business Continuity Plans (PROT0012)
  • Creating Corporate Level Business Continuity Plans (PROT0013)
  • Media Training for Emergency Responders (PROT0014)

Degree programmes

  • MSc in Emergency and Crisis Management

Degree apprenticeships

Combining a blend of technical knowledge, on the job experience, and business skills, Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are a great way for you to upskill existing employees or offer as an opportunity to attract new staff, allowing them to access Foundation and Honours degrees with fees partly paid by government.

Further information

To find out more about UCLan PROTECT, and how we can support your organisation, please get in touch.

T: +44 (0)1772 893434