Apprenticeship Matching Service

Training and development

We can help you employ the best future talent. This is a free specialist recruitment package for employers looking to take on a degree apprentice.

We guide and support you from vacancy to appointment, finding the best talent with technical and motivational ability aligned with your company values. We connect you with apprentices of all ages, widen participation, and recruit local talent to enhance your workforce and grow your business with a competitive advantage.

  • Free recruitment service

    A free specialist service saving you money and time
  • Future-proof your business

    An opportunity to make your business more resilient with up-to-date tailored knowledge
  • Develop your workforce

    A way to boost your employees’ performance through industry expertise
  • Grow your team

    Help to employ the best future talent

Why choose us?

Our AMS will assist with your recruitment strategy by saving you time, money and resources. We have a deep understanding of a variety of sectors and can respond quickly to your needs.

We have already successfully assisted businesses in appointing high-calibre apprentices to exclusive roles, so you can be confident that you’ll find a candidate who matches your company’s ambition and ethos.

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It’s a really great service that you offer and we have met so many talented young people. As a company, we are looking to recruit more apprentices over the next couple of years, therefore we are excited to build on this partnership.
James Mawdsley
Fire Engineer, Design Fire Consultants

What is the process?

A business or organisation that has an apprenticeship vacancy can complete an Expression of Interest form.

How can a degree apprentice help you?

Find out more about how hiring an apprentice or upskilling an employee can help enhance your workforce.

Discover the benefits to your business
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Students having a discussion
Students having a discussion