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The Idea2Scale-up programme is a reimagined package of support that extends our knowledge transfer expertise into companies of all sizes and sectors.

We work alongside various businesses in fields such as aerospace, health and medtech, artificial intelligence and the data economy, the future of mobility, cleantech and digital technologies.

The incredible rate of innovation, often driven by consumer demand, means that businesses are expected to upgrade their products and services regularly with new and improved features. Meeting these challenges requires the ability to:

  • Decrease product development time
  • Improve market penetration speed
  • Achieve and increase market share
  • Raise funds to invest in new developments

Through Idea2Scale-up we are able to provide a co-ordinated offer to you that spans multiple disciplines, specialisms and sectors. It means we can utilise our extensive professional, technical, industrial and academic expertise in commercial areas such as market analysis, product positioning and branding, physical and digital product/ industrial design, and the development and validation of products including medical devices and technologies.

Idea2Scale-up is delivered by industry experts with extensive knowledge of product development, intellectual property, equity investment and commercial validation. We also have significant experience of researching, inventing, investing in and selling products globally.

"Businesses of all sizes, whether they are starting out or are well established, face a range of challenges as they strive to achieve consistent, sustainable growth. Through the Idea2Scale-Up programme we can support you in developing your next innovative product or service"

Peter Leather,

Contact us:

Pete Leather, Head of IP and Commercilatisation


Tel: 01772 895883