My top things to do in Burnley

Find out what Medical Sciences student Blessing's favourite things to do in Burnley town are.

Perhaps you’ve got your offer to study a course in Burnley or you’re still exploring and you don’t know much about the town. I came from Birmingham to study Medical Sciences in Burnley and I’ve discovered many great things to do outside of the classroom over the last year or so. Keep on reading for my top things to do in Burnley.


Burnley is surrounded by so much natural beauty and has six Green Flag parks. I love to walk around the various parks and along the canals in my spare time. My favourite park in Burnley is Scott Park, it’s a big park with lots of trees and a stream. I find walking very relaxing and a great way to clear my mind. I will often sit by the stream in Scott Park and listen to the water.

When walking around Burnley, there’s a huge chance that if you look up, you’ll see some hills in the distance, which are very picturesque. But, it’s the views from the hills themselves that I absolutely love. I will often hike up the hills to see more of the scenery. There are plenty of different routes to explore including Pendle Hill, which is famously known for the Pendle Witches.

St Peter’s Leisure Centre

St Peter’s Leisure Centre is amazing. The gym is well-equipped with exercise machines, a dedicated cycling room and free weights. Personally, going to the gym isn’t my favourite way to exercise but I still like to make use of my membership. There’s a swimming pool, badminton courts, squash courts and even a sauna/spa area for relaxing.

Exercise is important and a good way to de-stress and lift your mood, especially if you go with your friends. In my experience, it’s really easy to rent equipment like badminton rackets and have a social game with friends/flatmates.

Burnley Campus

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Burnley Market

Burnley’s indoor market is well worth checking out. Some of my highlights include the yarn/craft stall, which is one of my personal favourites. I will often visit to pick up my yarn to crochet with and they have so many colours and weights of yarn that it is often tempting to buy more than I need. The monthly Artisan Market is a great place to pick up unique gifts and sweet treats. I love visiting this to support local businesses and it’s a fun activity to do with my friends. The market is also home to a food court with diverse options and an eating area. So far, I’ve only tried Siam Thai but it was delicious, the owner was lovely and even helped me to decide which of their dishes to try.

Places to eat and drink

Sometimes when I need a change of scenery, I will study in the cafes located near campus. Rhode Island Coffee is one of my favourites and is located in the town centre. It has a lot of indoor seating, which is useful in the colder weather, as well as great hot drinks and sandwiches. There is a Starbucks close by to campus, which is often open until late. It’s good when I want to study late but it’s also an ideal spot to meet for a late-night coffee catch-up with my friends.

There are very few things I find better than rewarding myself with a treat from What’s 4 Dessert after a long day of lectures or studying. My favourite is the waffle with salted caramel ice cream (and a milkshake if I’m feeling especially daring!). Whats 4 Dessert is only a five-minute walk away from campus (and Sandygate Halls too) so it’s easy to get to.

I hope you have found this blog useful and that it’s given you an insight into student life at Burnley.

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