Lois' experience attending an Offer Holder Day

Lois, BSc (Hons) Business & Marketing student, tells us her experience attending an Offer Holder Day, and how it helped her decide to study her course at The University of Central Lancashire.

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Meet Lois

A university Offer Holder Day is the perfect opportunity to find out anything you need to know. My offer holder day was a massive factor in making the decision to come to UCLan.
A photo of student Lois Turley.
Lois Turley
BSc Business & Marketing

Unlike an Open Day where you can learn a lot about a range of different courses, an Offer Holder Day is an opportunity explore your chosen course in greater detail.

The daylong event is tailored to give you the opportunity to explore the university and everything that is available to students.

My Offer Holder Day experience

Before my Offer Holder Day, I hadn’t done much research into university or what my subject looked like. I had studied business and enjoyed my lessons, so I made my applications around that.

I didn’t know too much about what marketing could offer. Having the opportunity to speak to my course leader and ask questions gave me a lot of confidence in my course and what it could do for my future.

The taster session helped me meet other students and work collaboratively on a task. The day wasn't overwhelming or formal, so I felt comfortable asking questions.

Without the Offer Holder Day, I would have never realised how much UCLan offers for students. I would have missed out on a lot of information about what student life is really like.

I had believed that university was just academics, but there is a lot more to consider when making your decision. The type of campus, the distance from home, access to transportation, student life and support available should all be considered.

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What should you expect at an Offer Holder Day?

You'll get the opportunity to speak to fellow applicants, have a taster session with academics and learn in greater detail what will be studied on your chosen course.

Be sure to ask questions and explore the university’s facilities and services. Being able to experience things firsthand can help create a much clearer picture of university life.

Student ambassadors will be available on the day to help. They are all current students studying different courses and each have a unique experience of student life. They're a great way to learn more about different aspects of the university such as the best places to spend time in between classes or where to find the quietest study spots.

Going on a guided campus tour is a great way to learn more about the different buildings around campus. This includes the library, social spaces, gym, and subject spaces. You can also learn more about the various services around the university.

Accommodation is also open for the day. There are a range of accommodation options available and seeing it in person is the best way to see which option is for you.

If you are travelling to campus for the day, take the opportunity to explore the local area. You won’t be spending all your time in classes after all! It can also help you feel more comfortable once you start as you will already be familiar with reaching and navigating the campus.