BA (Hons) History Student, Kai, tells us about his journey

Kai tells us about his experiences as a mature student at UCLan and how studying a foundation degree has helped to expand his world.

'I came out of college with a BTEC and a very poorly graded history A-level. I jumped between jobs before I could train up for the army. Later I was medically discharged from the army and I looked at several universities that offer foundation courses. UCLan came up and, unlike the other universities, the course was clearly outlined with all the modules available and the course handbook giving all the information I could ask for. I applied and was lucky enough to gain a place.

The foundation course has allowed me to gain a grasp on academia through constant support and access to 1-2-1 advice whenever I need it. To go from achieving an E at A-Level to a 2:1 in my first year can only be through the help I've received throughout the foundation year. The foundation year also covered humanities expanding my knowledge of what's expected of me at university through good teamwork with other students, despite the strains of a global pandemic.

"I'm loving my time at UCLan with fantastic lecturers, great friends, and interesting modules that have helped me to realise what I really want to do with my life."

Kai Barclay
BA(Hons) History Foundation student Kai Barclay
BA(Hons) History Foundation student Kai Barclay

Finally, the course I'm on actively encourages you to take modules in other subject areas such as politics and in my foundation year I took an active interest in the university's free language classes! I often say life is what you make of it but UCLan has given me every opportunity to broaden my horizon. From learning about history across the world to actively gaining a whole new language.

Having gained a new interest in public history I hope to write a book or two after University. I'd love to work in the heritage industry, hopefully around the northwest, and thanks to UCLan I feel confident that I could do this anywhere.’