Friends made in Film Production

Graduate, Anthony, has given his production career a kick-start by setting up his own company, Red Pencil Productions with fellow alumnus Joe McDonald. He explains how important his time at University was.

After graduating in 2014, with a BA (Hons) in Film Production, Anthony and fellow alumnus, Joe McDonald, started a video production company, Red Pencil Productions. They help businesses stand out online as well as at exhibitions and on TV through video. Anthony also handles the marketing for the company.

Anthony has lasting memories of his time here, as he explains:

“I met a group of people in my first year, at halls, and I still speak to them and see them today. They were there for the highs and the lows, becoming close friends.

"The course gave us a lot of freedom, which meant that you could learn a lot from the library, lecturers and the modules."

“The Film Production Degree course gives you valuable skills, from work with future crew members to gaining knowledge through the library and making film.

“When you graduate you still need to work unbelievably hard to achieve this dream.”