Zawar Khan's passion for psychology

BSc (Hons) Psychology third year student

What made you decide to study at UCLan?

My decision to study at UCLan is based from both the convenience of permanently residing at a short distance away from the campus. Also, all the university graduates from my family have graduated from UCLan.

What was it that attracted you to the course specifically?

My passion for Psychology has dated back to 2011, from which I have studied this subject as a GCSE and an A Level. Additionally, there has generally been very positive feedback from past UCLan Psychology students.

What are the facilities like?

The facilities at UCLan have been very beneficial for me. Notably, the Mentoring Support System available at UCLan has helped me to become aware of societies and job opportunities available. I have also benefitted from WISER Support, which is a facility providing various workshops and academic support in order to enhance study skills, as well as providing written feedback for assignments.

Zawar Khan
Zawar Khan

What is the teaching like?

The teaching at UCLan has been effective for me personally.  The concept of several lectures becoming more interactive has allowed me to engage in lecture content through group discussion and insightful videos which provide a great level of depth and understanding to lecture content.

Have you been involved in any projects?

Throughout my time at UCLan, I have been involved in numerous projects within the School of Psychology as a research assistant.  These opportunities have been exciting and insightful and have helped me consider my own research for my third-year dissertation.

I have also been involved in delivering mobility support as a Student Wellbeing Ambassador at UCLan.  This has personally been a very inspiring and humbling experience for me, as I have interacted with various students with mental and physical impairments that have a positive mindset despite their struggles.  Additionally, I have been involved within the School of Psychology as a PASS Leader, through which I have facilitated group study sessions involving first year students in order to encourage effective learning of academic content.  Other roles I have been involved with at UCLan include being a Student Recruitment Officer, which involved promoting UCLan to prospective students, as well as welcoming and assisting new students as a member of the UCLan Welcome Team.

Have you had to overcome any obstacles during your time at UCLan?

I was initially hesitant at the prospect of delivering oral presentations upon enrolling as a UCLan student.  However, the WISER Academic Support Workshops have provided many useful resources and techniques to help with feeling more comfortable with delivering presentations.  Also, the staff at the School of Psychology have been magnificently caring and considerate with the progression of presentation assignments throughout my degree course.  For anyone worrying about presentations, I honestly mean it when I say that you’ll immediately feel at ease and comfort with the School of Psychology Staff, who are willing to help you with every step of the way in becoming a confident presenter.

Any tips to prospective students?

My best advice to prospective students is to enjoy and cherish every challenge that you face at UCLan.  Don’t be hesitant in approaching members of staff, as they are very kind and helpful in assisting you in any aspect of settling in at UCLan.  For course specific assistance, be sure to use Starfish, which is an online resource where you can book face-to-face appointments or contact members of staff within your course’s school.  Also, do take advantage of the excellent resources on offer at WISER, as well as the PASS Scheme, which involves friendly and informal study sessions led and facilitated by students.