Leaving Rajasthan to study Business Management

Studying Business Management (Sandwich) BA (Hons)

Tanishka Jain joined UCLan in September 2018 on the British Council GREAT Scholarship and left her native Rajasthan, India to study Business Management here in Preston. Admittedly, the British style of education was new and unusual to her at first, but after her hard work and some support from her Tutors Tanishka is now thriving as Course Rep and Wellbeing Ambassador.

Events and opportunities

"The best part of my course so far has been the events and the opportunities available to me, like being able to become the Course Rep. In my first year, I found referencing and writing essays quite challenging because I had never done it before! In India education is a lot more about getting books, studying them, then taking an exam. However here in the UK there’s more practical work, teaching and research – it’s the most diverse thing I have come across.

"My Tutors were the most helpful I have ever experienced and I met one-on-one with them to get feedback. Now I really look forward to my classes and I have gone from being inexperienced with essays and referencing to now teaching it to the first year students!"

Tanishka Jain is studying BA (Hons) Business Management.
Tanishka Jain is studying BA (Hons) Business Management.

University life and adjusting to the British weather

"I opted to come to UCLan because I had heard Preston is a very friendly, student-based place and it would not be hard to adjust coming from India. I am glad that I did make that choice because I have met lifelong friends from around the world. Some of my closest friends are from China and Korea! It is so easy to make friends quickly and talk to new people.

"The first few days it was difficult for me to adjust to the weather but I am so used to it now and when I went back to Rajasthan this summer I couldn’t adjust back to the heat! I prefer the winter here in Preston over the summer. It’s very convenient living in this city, you do not need transport and can walk everywhere because it’s safe and everything is nearby, which helps to save money. There are so many place you can visit from Preston, I have been to: Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool and Belfast (which was my favourite)."

Preston 'is the best place for shy and introverted people'

"In my spare time I like to travel and I also like to shop (the student discounts are amazing!), but I also enjoy my duties as Wellbeing Ambassador and Course Rep.

"My advice to students back home would be do not have a second thought about coming here! Preston is the best place for shy and introverted people like me and although it is so far from what’s familiar it feels like normal so quickly."

The British Council GREAT Scholarship

Tanishka was one of five Indian students awarded the British Council GREAT Scholarship that covers full tuition. It was awarded based on her academic achievements and performance. UCLan is proud to collaborate with the GREAT Britain campaign and the British Council to offer this award, over a broad range of subjects.

The GREAT Britain Campaign is the UK government’s initiative to promote the UK internationally as a GREAT place to visit, study and do business. The British Council is a partner in the campaign to raise awareness and promote the UK’s strengths in education, English language and the arts.