How to make the most of your Open Day visit

Deciding which university to attend can be overwhelming, as it is a big decision to make. This blog will help you to make the most out of your university Open Day, to ensure that your university of choice is right for you.

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Meet Hollie

I'm a master's student here at UCLan, so I know what a big decision choosing a university can be. However, with my top tips below you’ll be able to make the most of your Open Day visit and make sure it's the right choice for you.
photograph of student hollie russels face for a peer to peer blog
Hollie Russell
Forensic Science MSc

Step 1 - Plan your day

Whether you receive your Open Day pack in the post or look at the online programme, you can use it to help to plan your day. Look at the time for your course talks (there are usually two talks during the day). Plan if you want to go on a campus, accommodation and sports arena tour. You can also speak to our service stands in the Student Centre. There are also welcome talks and student life talks by current students, where you can hear about university life and ask questions about their experiences. Planning ahead means you can get the most out of your day and don't miss any sessions you want to go to.

Step 2 - Travel to Preston

Plan your travel for the day. Unfortunately, in the past there have been train strikes on Open Days. This is something you can’t always plan for, but if you are using trains you could travel the day before and stay the night - especially if you are travelling a distance. We do offer discounts at certain hotels. Alternatively, you could drive or catch the bus. The bus and train stations are a 10-minute walk from the university campus, so they are in walkable distance.

Step 3 - Prepare questions

Have a look into the course you are interested in studying. Are there any questions you have about the course or content for the academics? This may be about placements, modules or even assessments. You may also want to think about questions you have for our services team, including study abroad years, accommodation, application processes or even the support we have on campus.

Student ambassadors welcome visitors to our Open Day.
Student ambassadors welcome visitors to our Open Day.

Step 4 - Student ambassadors

Don’t be afraid to approach our Student Ambassadors in red. Whether it’s for directions around campus or to ask what student life is like at UCLan. They can also tell you about their student experience and about the course they’re studying. There are many opportunities to get involved with at the university, like placements, a year in industry and a year abroad. There's also the chance to become a Student Ambassador. As Student Ambassadors, we get to be involved with campaigns and photoshoots for the university and we can tell you about our experiences, if you would like to know more.

Step 5 - Enjoy the day

Make the most out of your day. Enjoy looking around the campus, talking to our friendly staff and students, getting to know potential peers and making the most of the freebies!

You usually receive a complimentary drink and there are discounts at nearby retailers for food and drinks afterwards, if you want something.