Meet Muna

In a jaw-dropping career pivot, former Bahrain national team football sensation, Muna Aldaaysi, has traded in her football shoes for a stethoscope. She’s diving headfirst into the thrilling world of veterinary medicine on our BVMS Foundation Entry course.

Having spent four years in the corporate world of procurement, and after 63 appearances on the football field, Muna decided it was time for a radical change. At the age of 31, she discovered her true calling while volunteering at an animal shelter, where she heroically cared for and found forever homes for stray dogs and cats.

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Sitting behind a desk wasn't my scene. Working with furry friends and being their hero – that's my game now!
Photo of Vet School holding a dog
Muna Aldaaysi
BVMS (Foundation Entry) Student

Muna has an impressive academic record, made up of two undergraduate degrees and an MBA, but didn’t have the scientific background needed to typically get accepted onto a vet course. Luckily, our foundation entry vet course is designed just for that. It’s the perfect concoction of biology, chemistry, and physics – the essential ingredients for her veterinary aspirations. When she completes the course, she’ll be able to unlock her dreams by becoming qualified to apply for our BVMS course.

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