How I made friends for life at university

Before I started, I was worried about how and if I would make friends at university. I quickly realised that everyone is in the same boat and it became less scary. Discover my top tips for making friends during your time at uni.

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Meet Hollie

I met one of my best mates at uni during my first year whilst living in student accommodation.
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Hollie Tiegan Russell
Forensic Science

Before starting university

You can make friends before you even start university. The uni set up Facebook groups for your course and accommodation (if you’re living on campus). You can join these and find course and flat mates before you move here. I found this really useful as I got to know who I was living with before I moved to uni. This made me feel more at ease when it came to moving in day. I met one of my best mates at uni I met during my first year whilst living in student accommodation.

Welcome Week on campus
Welcome Week on campus

Freshers' & welcome week

During freshers' and welcome week there are plenty of activities to get involved with. From pizza and movie nights in your accommodation to fairs and activity nights hosted by the Students' Union. These are good ways to meet new people living in the same accommodation. You'll get to know a variety of people, especially on different courses, when you attend the activities. The Students' Union also put on karaoke, quiz nights and other activities throughout the year. You'll meet many different students ranging from first years to postgraduate and PhD students and international and home students. Here you'll meet people from a range of backgrounds and courses.

Netball at the University of Central Lancashire
Netball at the University of Central Lancashire

Clubs & societies

During welcome week, all of the different clubs and societies that you could join at uni showcase at a fair on campus. Joining a club or society provides a great way of meeting people outside of your course and flat. Each Wednesday there are socials where you go out or do something and bond as a club. Looking back, I wish I had taken the opportunity to join a club or society and meet other people outside of my course.

Student Ambassadors working at an Open Day event
Student Ambassadors working at an Open Day event


There are plenty of part-time jobs around Preston and it is likely you will make friends with your co-workers. Whilst working as a Student Ambassador for the university I have met a range of people and even made friends for life on different courses.

Umii app

Since I started uni, an app called Umii has been introduced to help students make friends whilst they are here. The app matches them to likeminded students to help make lasting friendships.

Embrace the opportunities presented to you over the next few weeks and you’re sure to make friendships that you’ll carry with you throughout your university years and beyond. Remember, if you ever feel nervous, everyone is in the same situation as you. Make the most of these formative years, and may your university journey be filled with lifelong friendships and possibilities!