Imogen, BA (Hons) Acting Student: My experience of living in halls

"Before I came to university, I found my course mates and flat mates through the UCLan Facebook groups, so even before we had all got there, we made a connection with each other. We made a group chat and got to know one another, and then we discussed maybe sharing certain things for the kitchen like cutlery, glasses, pans, cleaning products etc."

I don’t live too far away from Preston and could have commuted to university, but when it came down to it, I decided that living in halls would be better for me. I knew that I needed to experience living away from home and start to learn how to be independent. I am so glad I chose to live in halls, as I have learned these things without it being too far out of my comfort zone. The halls are so close to campus that it is easy to get to and from classes, and it’s convenient to nip home in between classes to get some lunch for example. Additionally, you could stay later at the Library and feel safe if you wanted to revise and take the safety bus, which runs from 10pm-4.30am and will drop you off in any PR1 and PR2 area.

When I came to the Open Day, I made sure that I had a good look at the halls, I then did research online to compare prices. I was impressed with the standard of them and it felt like there was enough space to socialise in the flat, as well as there is enough space for yourself. I ended up living at Ribble Hall in my first year in a premium standard flat and the whole time I was there, I had no complaints. I had everything I needed, I felt safe and considering it was a uni hall there wasn’t that much noise and it was in walking distance of the essentials.

In the end, we still had too much stuff but by doing that it enabled us to be closer because we were sharing things. It is a nerve-racking experience because, at the end of the day, you’re going to be living with them for a year. I was so lucky as all of the girls that I lived with were lovely, I know I will stay in touch with them all. I am best friends with two of them, one of whom I am living with this year. I loved learning about other people’s cultures and how they live and use their time. In the end, our flat definitely had a homely feel to it and we were all there for each other during the times we found hard.

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Student Accommodation