Business Administration with Professional Placement Masters student Garima Bishnoi tells us her experience

Why did you decide to study the MBA with Placement at the University of Central Lancashire?

I enrolled myself for the MBA with Placement at the University of Central Lancashire as I see this course as an opportunity to develop my career, improve my skill set and get expertise on management skills in terms of leadership qualities, effective people management, handling the core job, maintaining the professional demeanour, increasing productivity of the team and managing conflicts in the Team.

Garima Bishnoi
Garima Bishnoi

What have been the positives about your experience so far?

The highlights so far have been the Faculty at the University of Central Lancashire, from the perspective of being an international student, when you leave everything behind, your family and friends and move to an unknown country everything can be overwhelming. The Faculty at the University of Central Lancashire have made it home for me, their passion, love and care towards teaching is very inspiring to say the least. They handle criticism very constructively and always help students voice their opinions. The biggest reason I would recommend anyone to consider the University of Central Lancashire is the Faculty. The love the teachers have for their students is not particular to only one department.

One of my friends studying MSc. – Chemistry told me a beautiful incident, it so happened that he just finished writing an examination along with his class mates at the examination centre. Before being allowed to leave the hall the examiners have to collect all papers and examination material, during that period one of the Professors who was teaching them, went about to ask the students how the examination was, most of the students said that it was good, one girl was teary eyed told the Professor with folded hands to please pass her, in just a brink of a second the Professor realising the sorrow of the student took his hand patted her head with all the love and affection one would have as if she was his own daughter. That small gesture of providing comfort even though it was momentary spoke a thousand words and left a lasting memory for my friend. Everyone I have spoken to have always spoken in high regards about the Faculty.

What support have you had from the University of Central Lancashire staff?

All the Professors at the University of Central Lancashire have been very supportive throughout the course. To quote one particular instance when I was struggling with creating an effective CV and interview preparation, I received the support on a one-one-one basis from our Professional Placement Module tutor Mrs. Irene Riad as well as Career Edge Team. Their knowledge and guidance have provided me with a great insight about the assessment centre and helped me gain the requisite confidence.

What are your career aspirations and how is the University of Central Lancashire helping you to meet them?

Being a commerce student and an emerging manager, I am extremely interested in having a promising career in the field of business management. I always wanted to take the opportunity to get an insight of the skills required for effective management while dealing with superiors and subordinates. I am interested in understanding the factors which can influence the competitive performance of a business, such as the ways in which the changes of technology can have an impact on the structure of an organisation, understanding product development, developing long term business strategy, designing and debugging supply chain systems, planning manufacturing methodologies, and distribution networks.

As we have a corporate environment in organisations, it is important to have sufficient theoretical as well as practical knowledge of business management for development of one’s career. I see this MBA program as an opportunity to develop my career, improve my skills set through an in-depth understanding of the major business functions.

The University of Central Lancashire has been globally acknowledged and recognised for imparting high quality education and has allowed me to see the world from different perspective. However, the course values the learning from real world experience through the internship program. While pursuing this course, I am able to enhance my creativity of my work, build on learning strategies which are necessary for effective solutions to meet challenges. It will help me to build up my own skills and pursue my vision.

By the end of the course, I believe that I will be able to recognise the implications of managing knowledge in a global context and sharpen my team working, negotiation and leadership skills.

"I believe that a degree in Business from the University of Central Lancashire would be very helpful for me to achieve all my objectives. It would further allow me to channel all my conceptual and quantitative skills in terms of analysing the key business issues."

Garima Bishnoi

What have you learnt so far on the course?

I have learned and enhanced important skills such as research methods, business strategies, data analytics, and financial health analysis.

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

The most I enjoy about my course is the course work which includes projects based on real scenarios and situations such as Dragon’s Den presentation. The residential camp held in the Lake District was also very enjoyable.

Would you recommend this course to new students?

Enrolling in this course would definitely be a Win-Win Situation for anyone who takes on this course, for reasons like: the University of Central Lancashire is a reputed institute for management courses and what a wonderful prospect it is to grab this aspirational degree”. Over the years, the University of Central Lancashire has grown into a premium institution which is globally recognised, imparting high quality management education. This is one of the best investments, you can ever make to propel your own career. This program will help you develop an understanding about the core functions of a business and develop the management skills to achieve excellence.

About the course

The MBA with Professional Placement at the University of Central Lancashire allows you to study for one of the most respected business management qualifications via an intensive 2-year postgraduate course in the School of Business and Enterprise.

This programme is specifically designed for those wishing to either establish or sustain a successful managerial or professional career in business. The course curriculum, whilst offering a broad grounding in management, does keenly focus on leadership and strategic management aspects that often distinguish MBAs from other Masters programmes. Students on this course also benefit from an intensive 3-day residential where students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership, team-working and reflective skills in a practical context.