My favourite places to eat in Burnley

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Meet Agneta

There are so many great places to eat in Burnley! Here are some of my favourites.
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Agneta Bawa
BSc (Hons) Medical Science

1. Icaro Lounge

This newly-opened spot is your go-to for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. They serve a variety of different Caribbean and Spanish inspired foods including burgers, curries and rice among many others. They have a great deal where you can have 3 of your favourite tapas for as little as £12.50. Icaro Lounge has a mix of cosy and cultural vibes, with friendly staff too 

The tapas deal is great value for money.
The tapas deal is great value for money.

2. Continentals

Continentals is a Middle Eastern restaurant in town, serving delicious meaty dishes. Choose from barbequed meat, shawarma, steak, pasta and more.  Trust me, the Lamb Continentals Special is an absolute winner – it'll have you coming back time and time again! 

3. Aroma Asian Restaurant

Aroma serve authentic Indian dishes like Balti, Tandoori and biryani. My personal favourite is the lamb biryani - I rate it a solid 10/10. Honestly, their dishes are downright delicious! I also love the whole modern aesthetic they have going on there.

4. Palazzo 

This is seriously the best place for Italian food. It has amazing pizza and pasta dishes, and the desserts are out of this world. It's my favourite place to go when I want to dress to the nines and have a fancy dinner.

Palazzo's does amazing pasta dishes.
Palazzo's does amazing pasta dishes.

5. Nandos

I love that a Nando’s has finally opened in Burnley! It's right by the cinema in town, so it's easy to get to. I don’t think I need to say much here, you already know about their their delicious chicken. My favourite is the halloumi sticks for starter and a half chicken for main.

6. Empire Theatre

This is my go-to spot in Burnley for awesome drinks that won't break the bank. They're also a good option for food, including Thai curries, fried rice, noodles and pizza. It's the cutest place and one of my favourite places to hang out with my friends

7. Freddy's Chicken and Pizza

Okay how do I put this? I eat from Freddy's all the time. They do pizzas, burgers and chicken. In fact, I had the 12-piece peri-peri chicken wings from them last night - its my favourite!

8. Big Bun’s Burgers 

If you’re ever craving a burger, then Big Bun's should do the trick. My favourite is the Dolly Parton. It is a massive triple beef burger loaded with mac and cheese and tater tots. You can also swap the beef patty with chicken. It’s the perfect comfort food.