Preparing for employment with insightful hospital placement

Medicine (Bachelor of Medicine -  Bachelor of Surgery) MBBS - Fourth Year

Brian believes studying at the University of Central Lancashire will contribute in making him a better person and Doctor, not only because of the education but also the opportunities afforded to him, living in Preston and being away from home.

"My first impressions of life at University of Central Lancashire were definitely how cold it was! But also, I had never stayed in halls of residence before and I think adjusting to living with other people is good – it’s like a metaphor for the role of a Doctor which involves daily interaction with different people.

"I chose the University of Central Lancashire because it offered me the opportunity to learn a new culture; I think that’s important for a Doctor, understanding different people around the world. I really liked that the Medicine course has a small cohort size, which is perfect for international students because we sometimes need that extra attention – other universities cohorts were too big and I’d have felt lost in the crowd. The tutors and Professors are very understanding and approachable too – they know that sometimes internationals students need time to adapt.

"The difference between studying here and studying at home is that it is a more practical style of teaching in the UK which makes it easier to learn."


"I am currently on placement at Blackburn Hospital and the opportunity to meet patients and be hands on gives you so much confidence – it’s a lot more valuable than classroom time.

"Unlike other places in the UK, you won’t get lost amongst the crowd here in Preston. There’s a good community feel, the people are really kind and there’s great transport links. I admit it was difficult adjusting to some aspects, like the cold and the food but there’s enough heating around the University and I suppose that’s what experiencing a new culture is about.

"Away from my course I have travelled extensively throughout the UK, with the nearby Preston train station being very useful. I’ve visited London (to watch the HSBC Rugby 7s), Wales, Scotland, Sheffield, Leeds and probably more. I went to Manchester to watch my preferred football team Arsenal play against Manchester United – it was amazing except I had to sit in the home section and clap for United! Preston’s proximity to so many places offers great opportunity.

"Back in Preston I have lived in two different halls of residence or student accommodation and I loved it. The buildings are all close to the University and the city centre. Living here gives you a chance to really give it a go and meet some lifetime friends. There are also plenty of societies around to meet new people.

"In conclusion, if I was a prospective student of University of Central Lancashire I would look forward to coming here. I have enjoyed my time here and seen the university grow and change with the times – you can see that with all the new buildings. Is it different from home? Yes. But it’s an adventure and experience that I would do all over again. I will come out of this a better person and a better Doctor, so it’s done its job."

11 April 2019