Medical Sciences student Anirudha Singh Bhadoria tells us about his experience

Medical Sciences BSc (Hons) – First Year

Alongside enjoying the challenge of studying Medical Sciences, Ani has immersed himself in university life at UCLan by becoming Course Rep, meeting numerous friends from across the globe and travelling up and down the UK.

"I am enjoying the practical nature of my course here at UCLan. Obviously, it is a challenge studying Medical Sciences because there’s a lot to learn but it’s a lot of fun and it’s rewarding. 

Things are quite similar to back home in India in terms of education. What I particularly like about UCLan is that studies here are flexible and student-friendly here. I chose UCLan in particular because of the course structure and because across the 3 years of study I will gain a good grounding for the future. I also read a lot of positive reviews before coming here and they all turned out to be true!

On arrival, my first impressions were good and there were no cultural shocks really."

Anirudha Singh Bhadoria
Anirudha Singh Bhadoria

"The Tutors and Professors are very helpful and extremely knowledgeable but they’re also flexible; helping students in every way possible and really accommodating the international students. At the School of Medicine and Dentistry things are close to perfect."

Anirudha Singh Bhadoria, Medical Sciences, BSc (Hons)

"Yes, the weather can be bitterly cold sometimes but it’s ok – it wasn’t that difficult to adjust and there are plenty of international students at UCLan so you’re not on your own. In addition, I have made use of some of the student services, such as the Student Advice Centre and The I which were very helpful.

The best thing about my time at UCLan so far is that I have met a bunch of really good friends from all over the world, some of them were exchange students who have now returned home but we still stay in touch – this has been the most special experience up to now.

In terms of my accommodation, I live in off-campus, private accommodation because my application was quite late. It’s perfect, local to campus and luckily, I live with one of my classmates. It was great that even though my application was quite late, there were still accommodation options for me here in Preston.

Preston is an appealing, student-friendly city that is safe with low crime rates because it is smaller than some other major cities in the UK. The mobility to other places here is good; there’s connectivity with London and all other major places via train. Since arriving last September I have visited Manchester, Liverpool, London, Edinburgh and even spent Christmas with some friends in Glasgow.

With my spare time in Preston, away from my studies, I keep busy as a Student Ambassador, I am a Course Rep and I also make use of the free onsite gym membership students get at the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre. I have a great social life with my friends and often go for dinner or for a night out. It’s easy to make friends if you make the effort and are outgoing.

All in all, I would say UCLan is amazing! It’s so international student friendly and although the weather can be unfavourable this university should be your priority."