5 steps to find the right degree

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I had no idea what I wanted to study, but following these steps helped me make my decision.
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Sophia Reichel

Choosing the course you will be studying for 3+ years can be a daunting task. Following these steps can simplify the process and give you confidence you need to make a decision.

1. What are your interests?

Whether this an academic subject you study in school, a hobby, or something from another avenue of your life, finding a course you're interested in can help you through university. It will help you get the most out of your time as a student, as you will be engaged by your course and motivated to study. It can also help you find a career within your interests.

2. Research courses

Once you’ve found a few courses that match your interests, you can research each course further and compare them. The specific modules for each course can be found on the course webpage. This provides you with an overview of the topics you will cover during your degree. This allows you to find your perfect course and make sure all the things you wish to study are covered. You should also check the entry requirements to find the course you're best qualified for.

3. Use 'ask a student'

The ‘ask a Student’ feature on UCLan’s website allows you to talk to current students about their degrees and university experience. It gives you an inside perspective of what to expect. They may even tell you something you hadn't considered before, such as if the exam to coursework weighting or if there are lots of work experience opportunities.

Use the ask a student feature to speak to current students.
Use the ask a student feature to speak to current students.

4. Speak to course tutors

To get the most detailed and specific information on the course, the best place to turn is the courses tutors. Emailing can be a great first point of contact, as you can ask questions that you may not be able to find answers to elsewhere. It can also give you an insight of what they will be like during your studies. For example, if they're really friendly and helpful.

5. Attend an Open Day

Physically attending the university at an Open Day is a great way to finalise your decision, as you can get a feel for the university and see what life might be like for the next few years. Alongside this, speaking to current students and staff can allow you to find areas of excitement and opportunity on the course. For example, you could find out about the career prospects for post-graduates, or if the course currently offers work experience opportunities.

Finding the right course can feel overwhelming and it’s okay not to know what to study. UCLan offer a range of support to help you make your decision, including Open Days, online events and ask a student. By asking questions and doing research, you are sure to find the right course for you and enjoy your time at university.