Nurturing future veterinarians: a glimpse into our new Vet School through the eyes of Clinical Tutor Katey Middleton

In the heart of Lancashire, a new era in veterinary education is unfolding at our new state-of-the-art Vet School.

Katey Middleton, one of our new Veterinary Clinical Tutors, is excited to train the next generation of veterinary professionals. She's part of a team that will support our first-ever cohort of BVMS students on their Intra-Mural Rotation placements.

We’re one of the first UK Vet School to offer placements from Year 1 of our BVMS course. During this time, our students work closely with the entire practice team, gaining invaluable hands-on experience and familiarity with the different roles that make the patient journey a success.

In her interview, Katey expressed her excitement about contributing to Lancashire's first Vet School. She emphasised the opportunity to create new connections in the vet community.

"The vet world is quite tiny, everyone seems to know everyone through someone else. It's going to create a little Lancashire-based network. Everyone is working together at the practice to make sure the students have the best possible experience"

Katey Middleton, Veterinary Clinical Tutor at the Veterinary Health Centre, Lytham

Katey works as a Veterinary Nurse in Lytham St. Annes, at the Veterinary Health Centre, and training to be a Clinical Tutor with UCLan sits alongside her nursing role. The centre is a educational partner practice that serves as a hub for hands-on training for our aspiring veterinarians.

Our Vet School adopts an innovative approach to veterinary clinical education. Instead of the traditional approach of an on campus teaching hospital, our students undertake placements within our network of veterinary partner practices across the north-west, where they are mentored by the same teams for their whole five-year programme.

Katey shared her excitement about this approach, highlighting the collective commitment to creating the best possible educational journey for our students.

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