Bed manufacturer develops innovative technology through successful partnership

Leeds-based Harrison Spinks is one of Great Britain’s most established, innovative and sustainable bed manufacturers. In partnership with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), they completed a successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). The KTP was developed based on unique patented micro-spring technology (MST).

The focus of the project was to enable the integration of MST into running shoes to reduce impact forces experienced by runners, providing the world’s first true footwear-based spring-damper arrangement. Research undertaken throughout the KTP addressed the strengths and weaknesses of the use of Harrison Spinks MST, giving an understanding of the challenges of applying spring technology to footwear.

Supported by UCLan’s Professor Jim Richards, Harrison Spinks progressed their technology from a concept, to be in a position to potentially launch footwear products into two separate markets. They also gained a greater understanding of how their product (MST) could operate in different product areas. The KTP was also transformative for them as it changed their way of working, the increased research presence developed by the Associate meant a greater emphasis on data and quality throughout the business.

Darren Marcangelo, Commercial Director of Spinks Springs, highlighted the impact of the collaboration, stating: ‘’The KTP has allowed our business to understand much more about our products than we previously thought. Harrison Spinks have only become experts in pocket sprung footwear as a direct result of the KTP, proving an invaluable way to diversify our product into other markets.’’

The KTP Associate was offered and accepted the position of Head of Research at Harrison Spinks, and the KTP Final Report was awarded the highest assessment of ‘Outstanding’ from Innovate UK. This role has continued to support the company and has contributed to the impressive growth and product development at Harrison Spinks.

"The KTP has allowed our business to understand much more about our products than we previously thought"

Darren Marcangelo, Commercial Director of Spinks Springs

This KTP project was funded by UKRI through Innovate UK.