Julie Thornton: Health and Social Care Degree Apprenticeship

Aspiring Assistant Practitioner Julie Thornton had a plethora of qualifications to her name before she embarked on her Degree Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care.

“I decided to do the Degree Apprenticeship to attain a higher qualification and an advancement in a work setting to support colleagues and patients,” Julie explained.

Julie, who is part of the Endoscopy Department of University Hospitals Trust South Manchester, has a big role to play at the hospital, with the unit never previously having an Assistant Practitioner employed.

“I’m currently developing more skills in all areas including more therapeutic work, basic consent and discharges, supportive role in ERCP, on call duties with registered nurses and outreach work within working hours, once qualified,” Julie added.

Alongside the practical work Julie is undertaking at the University Hospitals Trust South Manchester, there is written work to be completed too, which she admits can be overbearing at times.

"The portfolio seems immense alongside studying, exams and assignments whilst working and developing the role at work. I’d say the portfolio has been the most challenging aspect so far."

Julie’s short-term aims are just to carry on working hard and to support her team to the fullest of her abilities and she hasn’t ruled out pursuing a career in nursing once her Apprenticeship Degree comes to an end.