Be better at business through the EXTRA programme

The Lancashire Forum Creative (LFC) team are running a three-month cohort-based programme aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of local business leaders.

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On the whole, people don’t go into business because they want to be business people, they go into business because they have a talent, a passion, an idea, or out of necessity. The new EXTRA programme from LFC is for people who are already good at what they do but want to be better at running their business.

Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your business journey, maybe you need some expert advice to take a big decision, or maybe you want to drive your business forward. Whatever stage you’re at, joining LFC’s EXTRA Programme will help you now and in the future. September is the time for new horizons so get back to school and be Better at Business!

The LFC EXTRA programme will see you working with a group of like-minded peers to provide support and challenge along the way. Alongside sessions on essential business knowledge like business planning, strategy, leadership and marketing the programme will help you develop goals, solve business problems and open your mind to new ways of thinking and working, all backed up with the knowledge that a group of peers are there to help.

Michelle Bondesio, Founder of Growth Sessions, benefitted from the EXTRA programme in 2019. Michelle stated: ‘’Taking part in LFC EXTRA was a total game-changer for me. I learned a vast amount through the workshops and from other attendees and it increased my confidence in my own abilities immensely.’’

"Taking part in LFC EXTRA was a total game-changer for me."

Michelle Bondesio, Founder of Growth Sessions

Programme Highlights:

Think Tank One: Lego Serious Play – Tue, 27 Sept 2022, 9am-1pm

Think Tank Two: Strategy – Tue, 18 Oct 2022, 9am-1pm

Think Tank Three: Leadership – Tue, 15 Nov 2022, 9am-1pm

Think Tank Four: Marketing – Tue, 29 Nov 2022, 9am-1pm

Think Tank Five: Think Differently Sprint – mid Dec tbc (one session online and 9am-5pm another)

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The Lancashire Forum Creative is a University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and supported by Boost; Lancashire’s business growth hub.

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