Daniel Parkinson: Quantity Surveying Degree Apprenticeship with Balfour Beatty

Daniel Parkinson, currently studying part-time on the BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying, believes that his decision to study at UCLan is already paying off. Daniel, who is in the second year of his studies, credits the quality of the facilities and the teaching at the University, while also recognising the professional body-accredited degrees that are on offer here.

“I chose UCLan as it provides an RICS accredited degree, and it is also the closest one to my home,” he started. “A few of my work colleagues have also studied here, with all of them receiving a first-class honours degree, so it made complete sense to study here and hopefully achieve the same. My partner also studied at the university and couldn’t have recommended it more.

“The classrooms are very well located for all of the lectures and seminars, and the University has everything you could need to undertake your degree. The teachers are helpful in sharing their vast knowledge of the industry they have worked in, allowing students to gain the best knowledge we can for our future careers.”

Having already spent a few years working in construction, Daniel says he jumped at the chance to come to UCLan in order to continue his progress. His current employers gave him that opportunity through a Degree Apprenticeship, and it is one that he has certainly grabbed with both hands. The qualification that he is now working towards is a vital part of the journey towards his goal.

“I currently work at Sellafield for Balfour Beatty on the BEP project,” he stated. “I’ve also worked on the SMF project there too. When Balfour Beatty offered me the opportunity to undertake the apprenticeship I knew this would be the course for me. It is also part of my learning development which I knew I wanted to undertake.

"Working in construction from the age of 16 I knew that I wanted to continue my career in the industry. Being on a degree apprenticeship, a part-time QS degree is part of the process that needs to be undertaken."

“Working in the nuclear industry is extremely interesting and challenging & one I would recommend to anyone looking for an exciting career. I also couldn’t recommend Balfour Beatty as an employer more, the projects they obtain are second to none in the industry and the people you work with and learn from are incredible for anyone’s development.”

Daniel has already overcome some significant challenges during his time at UCLan, as being a part-time student throws up issues that those who are at the University full-time don’t have to deal with.

However, he thinks that the hard work and dedication will all be worth it when he graduates and moves closer to his desired career.

“Being a part time student poses its challenges, as the need to juggle work life, home life and university life can be difficult, but we knew what we were signing up to,” he admitted.

“Having to get the assignments in on time isn’t the easiest of tasks, but being prepared and managing time well is a definitive factor for ensuring this can be achieved.

“The main memory I have [so far] is the time I opened my end of year results. I would never have envisaged I would have achieved the overall percentage I did when I started in September 2017.

Having been in the bottom/middle sets for most of my high school subjects I could never have imagined I would have got to this stage.

“My advice to any prospective students would be to take university seriously, as it’s your chance to gain the qualifications you need to prepare you for your chosen career.”