Aspiring teacher talks about her time studying English Language and Literature

After attending an open day and falling in love with the University of Central Lancashire, Khadija Bhula decided to study English Language and Literature.

Khadija fell in love with the atmosphere at the UCLan open day, the options for study abroad and the reassurance from staff. So much so, she decided that UCLan was the University for her and applied to study a BA (Hons) English Language and Literature.

Studying her degree opened up the opportunity for Khadija to go on to do teacher training and her experience at UCLan helped her to feel prepared for this. Currently completing her teacher training at Preston Muslim High School, Khadija said: "My degree has provided me with a lot more confidence, especially since I have always been an introvert. Along with this, it has built me up professionally and prepared me for the working world."

Khadija's duties at Preston Muslim High School involve planning and teaching lessons, as well as organising and taking part in extra curricular activities such as school trips and events. Alongside her teaching training, Khadija currently works at a tutoring company called Explore Learning, where she supports students with their English SATS  and GCSEs.

Talking about the opportunities given to her during her studies and how this has helped her in her career, Khadija said: "UCLan provided me with the opportunity to work as a student ambassador where I was able to develop not only my professional skills but also my personal skills."

"Don't give up. Many people undermine the value of an English degree when in reality it is one of the most useful degrees that can take you into many professions, not just teaching. Don't give up on your dreams and always persevere."

Khadija Bhula, BA (Hons) English Literature and Language graduate

Speaking about her lasting memories at UCLan, Khadija said: "I will never forget the friends that I made at University and the diverse range of people I interacted and connected with. UCLan has provided me with a lifelong memory of happiness and success and one which I am forever grateful for and could never forget."

"UCLan has a special place in my heart and I hope to one day be able to be part of the institution again. UCLan is like one big family and you will never regret joining."

Khadija Bhula, BA (Hons) English Language and Literature graduate
Khadija Bhula, BA (Hons) English Language and Literature graduate

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