MA Magazine Journalism graduate Dominic Smith had a desire to be a journalist within the magazine industry

Masters graduate, Dominic Smith, had a desire to be a journalist within the magazine industry and chose our postgraduate degree in Magazine Journalism to help with his career aspirations.


After graduation, Dominic used the skills he developed during his studies when he began freelancing for different magazines including NME and Rock Sound. He also completed three industry-based internships.

Dominic’s current role is Editor of Soundsphere magazine, which he developed as part of the final project of his masters. He works with bands, artists and young people to create and provide opportunities within media, music and journalism. Dominic has also recently launched a mental health and disability awareness platform called ‘Wobbling About and Rocking Out’.

Since starting his career, Dominic’s proud achievements have included winning the National Diversity Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence in 2012 and being one of the 100 Happiest People in the country according to the Independent on Sunday in the same year. He’s encountered some great experiences of which he said: “Travelling internationally to cover festivals in Europe, USA and Asia and being able to create opportunities for other people.” Dominic’s also found time to return to our main campus to mentor journalism students, giving back to those who can learn from his industry knowledge and experience.

Speaking about the impact that UCLan has had on his life, Dominic said:

"Collectively, my experiences have helped grow my confidence and allowed me to build a career through working on things I'm passionate about, and that's awesome."