Additive Manufacturing graduate talks about getting his dream role

Axel became interested in engineering from a young age due to his dad being a tinkerer. He soon found himself drawn to finding out how things work and operate, therefore choosing to study two Engineering degrees at the University of Central Lancashire.

Axel Georgeson was certain he knew what he wanted to study when it was time to pick a university course. Studying a BEng (Hons) Computer Aided Engineering at UCLan, he became passionate about working with 3D printers after his final year project focused on 3D printing an index finger for amputees. It was in that moment when Axel knew he wanted to purchase a 3D printer of his own. Later that summer, Axel decided to continue to pursue his passion further and apply to our MSc Additive Manufacturing course.

Axel recalls his lasting memories at UCLan. He said he enjoyed all the “late night work” with his fellow students and he felt most proud when “overcoming what seemed like impossible problems”. He also had to work through COVID lockdowns, which Axel claims made for an interesting University experience. He said: “I learnt that no matter what life throws at you, with a good will and determination you can achieve all your goals. Having an excellent course lead and Additive Manufacturing Technician made the experience even more enjoyable”.

"Without the skills provided via the BEng or MSc I will not be in the position that I am in now. I am glad to say that my degrees come into use every day."

Axel Georgeson, BEng (Hons) Computer Aided Engineering and MSc Additive Manufacturing

Axel currently works as a Product Designer at F.H. Brundle where he designs bespoke gates, fencing and balustrades for unique sites. He thanks his degrees and work experience for leading him to a job he’s “very happy and proud of”.

Axel recognises that Additive Manufacturing is a fast-growing industry as new technologies and methods emerge constantly. He’s glad he got to experience and try out various types of 3D printers as this aided him in grasping supporting technologies such as 3D scanning, photogrammetry for reverse engineering and much more. He recommends this to be one of the key factors in succeeding within the industry, as these extra skills made him a “very good candidate” for his current role.

BEng (Hons) Computer Aided Engineering and MSc Additive Manufacturing Alumnus Axel Georgeson
BEng (Hons) Computer Aided Engineering and MSc Additive Manufacturing Alumnus Axel Georgeson