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Takako AMANO

Senior Lecturer in Japanese, Director of East Asia Exchange
School of Humanities, Language & Global Studies

After successfully multiplied the number of students at UEA Norwich UK, Takako moved to University of Central Lancashire in 1997, where she started the new Joint Degree in Japanese with seven students. Ever since, Japanese at UCLan has grown into one of the largest in the UK. Japanese at University of Central Lancashire is also known to have one of the largest Period Abroad programme in Japan and Takako has established and maintained partnerships, and has been recognised as one of the most experienced in this field in UK and Japan. Takako says "Siblings and friends of ex-students are joining Japanese at UCLan thanks to the word of mouth enthusiasm of existing and graduated students. I have enjoyed finding hidden gems who have not even realised of their potential and polishing them up to see them shining. I am blessed to share important years of the lives of our students who love Japan."

As a Senior Lecturer, Takako takes Module Leaderships and teaches any modules that are in need of close monitoring. Within her capacity of the Director of East Asia Exchange, Takako communicates and negotiates matters beyond administrative levels with all partner institutions in Japan and student issues on period abroad. As an active researcher, Takako speaks at various conferences and her most recent publication is "Communicating issues of students in relation to mental health and identifying blind spots of support networks on year abroad" (Leeds University Press, 2020).

Takako worked as an official teacher in Osaka, Japan, immediately after obtaining her BA (Hons) in 1990 then was offered posts at University of East Anglia, UEA Norwich, UK and taught 'English-Japanese Translation' for the Centre of English and British Studies and 'Japanese as a foreign language' for the School of Modern Languages and European History between 1992 and 1997. Since September 1997 to date, Takako has been teaching at University of Central Lancashire. Takako has acted as the Subject Leader for Japanese for many years and also took various roles such as Equality & Diversity Lead, Disability review panel or Sustainability lead. Takako is known in the field of student mobilities for establishing links for International institutional Cooperation with over 30 Japanese and Korean institutions and has been presenting her views at various conferences.