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Professor Simon P. Liversedge

Professor of Cognitive Psychology
School of Psychology and Computer Science

Simon's research interests lie in the field of cognitive psychology, and in particular eye movements, reading and human visual cognition. Throughout his research career he has used eye movement recording techniques to investigate a variety of aspects of human visual, linguistic and cognitive processing. The measurement of eye movements during reading and other tasks provides an excellent on-line behavioural measure from which inferences concerning current cognitive processing can be made. This technique has provided significant insight into the nature of cognitive processes underlying reading, visual search and other activities.

Simon regularly recruits Ph.D. students to work in the experimental laboratories in the School of Psychology and Computer Science  at the University of Central Lancashire.  If you might be interested in carrying out a Ph.D. under Simon's supervision, please contact him by email:

Simon has published articles in leading international peer reviewed journals for over 25 years. He is recognised as a leading researcher in the field of eye movements and human cognition and jointly directs the Perception, Cognition and Neuroscience research group. Much of Simon’s research has focused on reading and eye movement control and he has engaged in multiple international collaborations to investigate reading in multiple different languages. A particular focus has been how readers process sentences in languages that are quite different to English such as Finnish, an agglutinate language in which words are often morphologically complex and long, and Chinese, a language formed from character strings without spaces. The unique characteristics of the written forms of these languages offer the opportunity to investigate theoretically motivated questions that it is not possible to investigate in English. If you would like to know more about research that Simon has carried out to investigation Chinese reading, please visit the following website

Simon obtained his undergraduate degree and Ph.D. from the University of Dundee where he undertook eye movement research in one of the earliest established eye movement laboratories in the UK. He then worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the eye movement laboratories at the University of Glasgow and the University of Nottingham. He then took a lectureship at the University of Durham where he was promoted to Senior Lecturer and Reader. He then moved to the University of Southampton to take the position of Professor of Experimental Psychology before joining the University of Central Lancashire in 2018. Simon is a member of the Experimental Psychology Society, having held the committee role of Grindley Grant Officer. He has also held a number of editorial roles, most recently, Editor of Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. In 2017 Simon was awarded an honorary credential by the Municipal People’s Government of Tianjin, P.R. China, and the Tianjin Haihe Friendship Award, recognising his contribution to social and economic developments, foreign exchange and cooperation with Tianjin City. In 2019 he was also selected to attend the 70th Anniversary Governmental Dinner for Foreign Experts held at the People’s Hall, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, in recognition of his collaborative research with Tianjin Normal University. Simon was invited to be an Output Assessor for the UK Government 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

Simon delivers teaching in some final year undergraduate courses, Masters Degree courses and supervises Ph.D. students.