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Louise Speakman

Lecturer in Midwifery
School of Community Health and Midwifery

Louise joined UCLAN in early 2020 and works across the Midwifery programmes providing pastoral, educational and research support. Louise has a keen interest in organisational culture and leadership with a great passion to empower future midwives. Qualifying as a midwife in 2006 and completing her Midwifery MSc in 2012, Louise is currently working towards completing the Academic Professional Apprenticeship at UCLAN. Before joining UCLAN’s dynamic and innovative midwifery lecturing team, she undertook midwifery roles across the childbirth continuum, with a focus on clinical education, service improvement and preceptorship.

Louise works across the midwifery programmes, but is currently focusing on Year 1 undergraduate modules and helping new students transition into and thrive in their preparation to become midwives.

For almost 10 years establishing dynamic, proactive, transparent and evidence-based learning cultures within NHS maternity settings with a multi-professional perspective was Louise's main focus. Additionally Louise also supported student midwives both individually and strategically, working closely with HEIs in practice-settings. With education being an equal passion with midwifery a move towards lecturing now facilitates further development into pedagogy whilst helping to develop the future midwifery workforce.