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Lauren Haworth

Senior Research Assistant
School of Sport and Health Sciences

Lauren has a Sports Therapy background and is part of the Allied Health Professions Research Unit. In her current role she collaborates with small and medium size enterprises across Lancashire as part of the Innovation Clinic ERDF project. She carries out independent research for new and innovative products which interact with the human body, including medical devices and sports equipment.

Lauren has been involved in many research projects with a wide range of interventions, ranging from mattresses, office seating, compression garments, personal training services and sports equipment. She uses a range of data collection equipment including 3D motion capture, electromyography, pressure testing, thermal imaging and tissue oxygenation.

Lauren is a Sports Therapy graduate from UCLan. Upon completing her undergraduate degree she took several research internship posts before becoming a PhD Student in January 2015, with a thesis titled "Exploring the impact of different breast support garments amongst larger breasted women". In May 2018, she became a research assistant within the Allied Health Professions Research Unit, working for the Innovation Clinic ERDF project. In April 2019, she became a Senior Research Assistant and has been working alongside Lancashire based small / medium enterprises throughout this time to provide independent research for products and services that interact with the human body.