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Dr Jeong-Im HYUN

Korea Foundation Lecturer, Director of Preston Sejong Institue
School of Humanities, Language & Global Studies

Dr. Hyun is a lecturer at the School of Humanities, Languages and Global Studies of the University of Central Lancashire. She teaches several modules for MA North Korean Studies and BA Korean Studies programmes. Her teaching areas are contemporary socio-political history and political sociology of North and South Korea. Dr Hyun is a Sociologist by training and welcomes proposals for doctoral research on East Asian politics and society in particular on Korean Peninsula.

As a lecturer and the Director of Preston Sejong Institute, Jeong-Im is responsible for 4 different teaching modules in the University of Central Lancashire and management of Preston Sejong Institute which she succeeds to receive the funding from the King Sejong Institute Foundation in Korea.

Dr. Hyun has a multinational higher education teaching experiences. Prior to joining UCLan, Dr Hyun taught in three different countries as a lecturer: Sogang University in Korea, Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania and University of Turku in Finland. Prior to work in academia, she worked as a French-Korean translator and interpreter in Permeant delegation of Republic of Korea for OECD in Paris.

  • Ph.D. Sociology University of Paris IV-Sorbonne, 2004
  • MA : translation method in Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3, 2007
  • DEA, University Paris 10, 1995
  • MA, Sociology Sogang University,1992
  • BA, French Literature and Language (Minor: Sociology), Sogang University, 1988
  • Docent, Korean Studies, University of Turku, 2016
  • Fund Raising: ‘Korea week in Turku’ organizing fund from Centre for International Affairs, Academy of Korean Studies (2018)
  • Asia Program: Mobility for Minor Degrees Program from Finish National Agency for education, 30,000 euros (2017)
  • Workshop organizing fund, from Centre for International Affairs, Academy of Korean Studies (2017)
  • Workshop title: To build the European Association of Korean Studies Scholars in Social Sciences- This became SOKEN (Social Sciences Korean Studies European Network
  • Conference organizing fund, 58,000 euros from Korean Studies Promotion Service, Ministry of Education, South Korea, (2016)
  • Conference title: ‘Bridging the globe by Korean Studies: A conference for Korean Studies Challengers and Leaders,’ University of Turku, February, 25th- 26th 2016
  • Research and education fund: ‘Seed program for Korean Studies’, 150.000 euros for Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Turku (2014-2017)
  • King Sejong Institute establishment fund in the University of Central Lancashire from King Sejong Institute Foundation (2020)
  • Grant: Personal research grant 1,4000$ from The Academy of Korean Studies: Project title: Comparative analysis of North Korean defectors’ socio-economic-cultural network forming in South Korea and UK, 2020
  • 3 Year Visiting Professorship from the Academy of Korean Studies, 2011-2013
  • Research grant from the Suntory Foundation of Japan, Comparative Studies of Acceptance of Japanese and Korean Popular Culture in Europe, 2011-2012
  • Visiting researcher fellowship from the Academy of Korean Studies, 2010
  • Research grant from the Korean National Research Foundation, “Sociological research in contemporary art production”, 2009-2010
  • Korean Studies: Contemporary politics in Korea: social movements
  • Conspiracy theory in Korean politics
  • North Korean defectors’ narratives and socio-cultural network forming in South Korea and UK
  • Socio-cultural dimension of Korean popular culture in Europe
  • Comparative analysis between Europe and Korea: Mass mobilization processes in Europe and Korea
  • Articulation of political democracy and everyday life in Asia and Europe
  • Comparative analysis of North Korean defectors’ socio-economic-cultural network forming in South Korea and UK
  • Korea: Editorial board member of the Korean academic journal Discourse 201(The Korean Association of Socio-Historical Studies)
  • Senior researcher, Institute of Social Sciences of Sogang University
  • Member, Korean Association for Sociology of Culture
  • Member, Korean Association for Theory and Society
  • International association: Member of International Sociology Association RC47 - Social Classes and Social Movements
  • France: Member, AFPEC (Association Française pour l’Etude de la Corée)