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Dr Nathalie Renevier

Senior Lecturer/Course Leader MSc Maintenance Engineering
School of Engineering

Nathalie Renevier is a Senior Lecturer in tribotechnology (coatings) and Course Leader for undergraduate maintenance engineering courses, as well as the Course Leader for MSc Maintenance Engineering. She has a physics, material sciences and business background with over 10 years' experience in the industry across Europe. Her expertise is in the development of plasma assisted processes and products, surface characterisations, tribological testing of thin films and thick films, nano-tribology and Lean Six-Sigma methodologies.

Senior Lecturer

  • 2004 to date: Jost Institute for Tribotechnology, University of Central Lancashire, UK Lecturer / Researcher in Tribotechnology (maternities 2005 - 2008)
  • 2003 - 2004: Federal Mogul Friction Products, Senior Product Manager (United Kingdom Introduction of new Technologies (Laser and optical size and shape particle analysers, mixing technologies) Deployment of Six Sigma throughout Europe (UK, Germany, France) as Chapter 11 Exit Strategy Development of new NAO materials for braking systems for CT, Bosch and TRW
  • 1998 - 2003: Teer Coatings Ltd, Research Scientist (United Kingdom) Development of environmentally Friendly Low Friction Wear Resistant coatings for dry and mist Lubrications for Machining, Forming and variety of components
  • Development of Rotating Cylindrical Magnetrons for Optical applications, Magnetic configurations for rectangular magnetron, Effect of duty cycles and pulsed on coating performances
  • Plasma study Development of processes for Equipment Canada Mint, Dai Nippon magnetic printers
  • 1994 - 1997: Balzers S.A., Research Scientist (France) Development of Low Pressure Low temperature nitriding equipment assisted by Plasma arc: application to Aluminium, stainless steel and Titanium – Balinit/Balitherm Development and implementation of ISO 9001:94 to Site located in Sausheim
  • 1993 - 1994: Balzers AG, Research Scientist (Liechtenstein) Development of Balinit D – CVD Diamond for Sandvik Design and build of reactor for low pressure nitriding delivered to French Franchise
  • 1993: Laboratory of Gas and Plasma Physics, F Research Project Modelling Hydrogen Plasma Discharge using Monte-Carlo and Fortran
  • 1992: Ludvig Maximillian Universität - Technische Universität Garching, D Erasmus European Stage Calibration of photo multiplicators and scintillation detector with different radioactive sources
  • 1990: Laboratory of Gas and Plasma Physics, F PhD Assistant Develop a model using magnets mirrors to allow electrons with 200ev to go through. Model used to develop Channeltron to be used in experimental devise that test resistance of electronic materials to lighting. Model has been validated by the Phd student