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Dr Luigi Lerose

Senior Lecturer
School of Humanities, Language & Global Studies

Luigi graduated from Alpen Adria University, Klagenfurt (Austria) in 2012 with a PhD in Philosophy (Linguistic) on Sign Language. He previously worked as a lecturer of Sign Language within several Italian Universities (Trieste, Verona, Naples, Venice and Bologna) and has also presented various abstracts at a number of National and International conferences. He has served as a Board member of the European Network of Sign Language Teachers (ENSLT) and in 2017 was elected Chair of the organisation.

Currently Luigi teaches a number of modules regarding the practical application of British Sign Language and Deaf Studies. In addition to this Luigi also teaches part of a module in the British Sign Language/ English Interpreting Post Graduate Diploma.

Luigi is employed at UCLan as a BSL and Deaf Studies Lecturer. He utilises applied concepts of Sign Linguistics within teaching to allow students to learn more about how to use, (knowledge and competence) the language. Luigi has also published several articles and DVDs (Edizioni DeafMedia, 2006 and 2009) regarding linguistic searches, interpretation and LIS didactic activities, and more recently, a book about LIS Phonology (Libellula Edizioni) and a DVD about Austrian Sign Language (OGS). In the training field, he worked with a cohort of teachers on educational programming, highlighting the importance of language teaching (pedagogy) and language training for adults, (knowledge of various teaching methods according to students and their programme) and the analysis of the levels of knowledge and language competence based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). More recently he has organised several workshops, to foster an in-depth knowledge for teachers (continuing training and knowledge of teaching techniques) and has also taken part in a number of European projects. In addition to this he has presented various abstracts to National and International conferences such as Lesico Conferences in Prague (where he was appointed a board member of the European Network Sign Language Teachers (ENSLT), and also in Paris and then Basel 2017 (where he was elected as the Chair of ENSLT).