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Dr Katherine Markwell

Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
School of Sport and Health Sciences

Katherine teaches on dietetics, nutrition, physical and research modules within the School of Sport and Health Sciences. She is a HCPC registered dietitian, BDA member, fellow of the HEA and completed her PhD in behaviour change for obesity and weight management. Her research to date includes dietetics teaching and learning, clinical nutrition and public health dietetics.

I am an HCPC registered dietitian with experience in teaching, research, public health and freelance dietetics. I am new to the university working on developing a new dietetics programme and contributing to other nutrition and exercise science teaching.

I have 6+ years of teaching experience in dietetics, exercise science and allied health subjects. In the United Kingdom I previously taught PG and UG dietetics programmes at the University of Chester and was also the Programme Leader for the MSc of Obesity and Weight Management. Most of my module leadership and teaching has been in placement preparation, placement assessment, simulation development, and clinical dietetics. I have developed new teaching and assessment materials for dietetics and the programmes. I have extensive experience of developing and delivering teaching, assessments including OSCEs, supervising research students and delivering pastoral care. I have 10 years of research experience in areas including weight management, health promotion and dietetics teaching and learning. In Australia and the UK I have been a co-investigator on several Government Awards and Grants and received awards from this work including best clinical abstract (British Dietetics Association, 2017), best student oral presentation (Nutrition Society of Australia), and an early career researcher award (Nutrition Society of Australia). Publications 1. Williams LT, Ross L, Mitchell L, Markwell K. (2018). The reflective debrief: Using students’ placement experiences to enrich understandings of distinct kinds of nutrition and dietetics practice. In: S. Billett, J. Newton, G. D. Rogers, & C. Noble, (Eds.), Augmenting health and social care students’ clinical learning experiences: Outcomes and processes. Dordrecht: Springer. 2.. Loudoun, R. & Markwell, K. (2017), Energy Drink Consumption in the Australian Construction Industry: A Risky New Trend? Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, vol. 143 (8), Australian Business Dean’s Council: Rank A, [Q1], IF=1.78 (Business), Citations unknown, 3. Townsend, K. Loudoun, R & Markwell, K (2016). The role of line managers in creating and maintaining healthy work environments on project construction sites, Construction Management and Economics, 1-11. Australian Business Dean’s Council: Rank A, [Q1], IF=1.21 (Business), 4 citations 4. Markwell, K. & Loudoun, R. (2016) Construction work environment influences on nutrition and beverage intake. Journal of Nutrition & Intermediary Metabolism. Vol 4, Pages 24. (Published Conference Abstract) 5. Somerset S, Markwell K & Al Foraih M (2013) A systematic review of baseline psychosocial characterisation in randomized controlled diet trials for weight loss. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 67 (7), pp. 697-702. (co-conceptulised, methods, drafting & edits) Ranked 31/80 [Q2] (Nutrition & Dietetics); IF = 2.935; citations = 2 6. Somerset S, Graham L & Markwell K (2013) Isoenergetic replacement of dietary saturated with monounsaturated fat via macadamia nuts enhances endothelial function in overweight subjects. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN, vol. 8 (3), e113–e119 (recruitment, data collection, editing). Ranked 10/80 [Q1] (Nutrition & Dietetics) IF = 4.7; Citations = 10 7.*Somerset S, Graham L & Markwell K (2011) Depression scores predict adherence in a dietary weight loss intervention trial, Clinical Nutrition, vol. 30, pp. 593-598. (recruitment, data collection, editing). Ranked 10/80 [Q1] (Nutrition & Dietetics) IF = 4.73 ; citations= 40 8.**Somerset S & Markwell K, 2009 Impact of a school-based food garden on attitudes and identification skills regarding vegetables and fruit: a 12-month intervention trial. Public Health Nutrition, vol 23, 1-8 (data analysis and first draft) (Public, Environmental and Occupational Health) Ranked 38/80 [Q2] (Nutrition & Dietetics) IF = 2.433; citations = 131

  • PG certificate, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Chester, (2019)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia (2012)
  • BHlthSc 2.1 (Nutrition and Dietetics), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia (2005)
  • BApplSci 1 (Human Movement Studies), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia (2005)
  • 2017 BDA Research Symposium, Best Clinical Abstract: The implementation and evaluation of a novel postplacement clinical debrief for final year undergraduate dietetic students.K Markwell, L Ross, L Mitchell & L Williams
  • 2014/15Grant: Title: Improving Nutrition in Construction Workers in Queensland
  • ($150,000) Funding Body: QLD government Department of Justice and the Attorney- General Chief Investigators: Dr Rebecca Loudoun, Assoc. Prof. Keith Townsend & Dr Katherine Markwell.Host Institution:Griffith University, 2014-2015
  • 2014 Health Excellence award at the NSW Mining Health, Safety, Environment and Community Awards for the Healthy Lifestyles Program. I designed the obesity treatment protocols and health behaviour change protocols of the program (both diet and exercise). Collaboration between QUT &Downer Mining EDI
  • 2009 Nutrition Society of Australia Early Career Researcher Award ($2000)
  • 2009 International Congress of Nutrition Distinguished Poster Presentation
  • 2009 Nutrition Society of Australia New Ideas Competition Winner
  • 2009 Nutrition Society of Australia Best Oral Presentation (Student Award)
  • 2007-11 PhD Student Grants: Scholarship and Health Top Up Scholarship, NSA Travel Grants, Griffith University Student Travel Grants
  • obesity
  • behaviour change
  • diet
  • dietetics
  • workplace health
  • physical literacy
  • cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention
  • physical literacy
  • PEN Board Member, BDA, Public Health Dietetics Representative
  • Professional Membership:
  • British Dietetic Association (BDA)
  • Registered Dietitian, Health & Care Professions Council, UK
  • The Nutrition Society, Australia
  • Accredited Practising Dietitian, DAA, Australia
  • Accredited Exercise Scientist, ESSA, Australia