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Dr Judith Smith

Senior lecturer
School of Natural Sciences

Judith has a broad background in teaching and research focussing on molecular genetics. Her interests are in how genetic variation influences function and how we can utilise this variation for individual identification and to understand the relationships within and between populations. Judith has worked on a wide range of projects including investigations into parasitism and reproductive success, genetic variation and production traits, the genetic control of nematode development, environmental DNA analysis and insect molecular genetics.

Judith contributes to teaching across all years including mendelian genetics, molecular biology and forensic DNA profiling at undergraduate level as well as supervising both literature and lab-based undergraduate projects. Together with the other members of the Forensic Genetics Team she contributes to our Masters level programme in DNA Profiling, as well as supervising post-graduate research projects (MSc and PhD).

Judith graduated in Biological Sciences from Warwick University before undertaking a PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her PhD research investigated the impact of parasitism and reproductive success on the population genetics of Soay sheep on the remote Scottish islands of St Kilda. Since then she has carried out post-doctoral research on genetic variation in production traits in cattle (Roslin Institute, Edinburgh), population genetics and the genetic control of nematode development (University of Glasgow) and insect molecular genetics (Lancaster University). Judith joined UCLan in 2006 as a lecturer in Forensic Genetics and focusses on the application of genetic analysis and molecular biology in Forensic Science and DNA profiling with a particular interest in the genetic control of phenotype, Forensic entomology, Environmental DNA analysis and Wildlife Forensics.