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Dr Graham Chapman

Research Fellow
School of Sport and Health Sciences

Graham was appointed as a research fellow in biomechanics within the Allied Health Research Unit in April 2019. Graham’s research interest focus on understanding the effects of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions on gait and how conservative treatments and/or surgical intervention help patients function. The aim of Graham’s research is to provide evidence-based outcomes which can be applied within a clinical setting.

Dr Chapman has published over 30 peer reviewed journal papers and has written a number of book chapters. Graham’s research spans the use of 3D kinematics/kinetics of lower limb gait analysis through to multibody modelling of joint function in combination with patient reported outcome measures to explore the effectiveness and efficacy of conservative and/or surgical treatments on patients’ function.

Dr Chapman is an experienced clinical biomechanist with over 10 years’ experience in biomechanical research with particular interest on the effect of pathological conditions, for example osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis on foot and ankle function and how surgical and conservative treatments can improve patients’ health and function. Dr Chapman has been successful in securing £0.5M in external funding.