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Dr Clare Winder

Programme Director Teacher Education
School of Humanities, Language & Global Studies

Clare is a Principal Lecturer within the School of Humanities, Languages and Global Studies with the role of Programme Director for the Teacher Education Partnership – a partnership of 14 colleges across the North West region delivering a full range of nationally recognised teacher education programmes. Clare’s specialist areas of interest are teacher education pedagogy and professional identity. Clare is a member of the Staff Mediation Team, and an editor for 'Through the Looking Glass: Reflective Research in Post Compulsory Education'.

A significant feature of Clare's role is to contribute to the quality assurance processes of teacher education and the partnership as a whole. To achieve this, she works flexibly to promote and drive up demonstrable improvements in education through observation, monitoring, innovative course design and sharing best practice.

As well as her Directorship of Teacher Education, Clare also teaches on the Master's Professional Practice in Education (MEd) , a programme that develops a valuable repertoire of skills for teachers and education managers. Clare teaches two modules. Clare enjoys teaching and believes there is a particular energy that only comes from classroom engagement. Her teaching practices are diverse; she draws upon and models successful practices as identified from literature, the education press, pedagogic research and her own experiences. She also thoroughly enjoys the challenge of Master’s supervision; working 1:1 with candidates as they navigate their way through the complex yet hugely rewarding research journey.

Clare is an experienced teacher educator. Throughout her career Clare has demonstrated an innovative, responsive and often trailblazing approach to course development for the education of teachers, providing both trainee and qualified teachers with a programme of study that presents critical challenge, through a considered pedagogy and balanced curriculum. This ensures that teachers are able to make progress towards improvement that is rapid and that support for them is targeted, cohesive and has sufficient impact.