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Dr Charlotte Field

Senior Lecturer
School of Psychology and Computer Science

Charlotte teaches across a wide range of psychology modules, and has particular research expertise in developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In addition to her research expertise, Charlotte is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the University of Central Lancashire's Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (DCN) research group.

Charlotte is module leader for the first year 'Introduction to Developmental and Social Psychology' and MSc level 'placement' modules. She has published within the field of ASD and language development. For example, exploring whether children with ASD are delayed acquiring word learning heuristics / biases.

Charlotte began working at the University of Central Lancashire in March 2016, as a Lecturer in Developmental Disorders. Charlotte teaches on various psychology modules across both undergraduate and masters level study and has experience of PhD supervision. Before joining the University of Central Lancashire, Charlotte graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology, before studying for her MSc in Developmental Psychology and PhD in Psychology at Lancaster University. Her PhD investigated word learning for novel objects in three groups of participants; ‘typically developing’ children, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and children with other developmental disorders (DD). Her current research is also based in a similar field, investigating gesture processing and understanding of prosody, linguistic cues, sibling aggression and victimisation in ASD.

  • PhD Psychology, The University of Lancaster, 2016
  • MSc Developmental Psychology, The University of Lancaster, 2011
  • BSc Psychology, The University of Hertfordshire, 2009

Modules Taught

  • PSC006 - Foundations of Psychology
  • PS1010 - Methods and practice of psychological inquiry
  • PS1020 - Introduction to Developmental and Social Psychology
  • PS1660 - Baby Minds: Psychology of Infant Development
  • PS2010 - Psychological Research Methods 1: Design and Quantitative Analysis
  • PS2040 - Individual Differences
  • PS2250 - Neurocognitive Development and Disorders
  • PS3051 - Advanced Developmental Psychopathology
  • PS3900 - Psychology Project
  • PS4118 - Social Relationships in Childhood
  • PS4211 - Development in Context
  • PS4711 - Advanced Workplace Credit
  • PS4906 - Advanced Psychology Project
  • PS4040 - The Psychology of Individual Differences
  • PS4090 - Psychology Conversion Project
  • PS1020 - Introduction to Developmental and Social Psychology
  • PS4711 - Advanced Workplace Credit
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Child Development
  • Gesturing
  • Sibling Relationships
  • Language Acquisition
  • Prosody
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the British Psychological Society - Developmental Section